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ITA Exec Spin: Passing the Torch

Friday, March 31, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: | Julia Kanouse, CEO, ITA |
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Dear Chicago Tech Community,


Having grown up in Boise, Idaho I often get asked how I ended up in Chicago. It’s a long story (that I’m happy to share over a beer), but the short version is that I started my career in tech, in Chicago, and I’m thrilled to be part of the Chicago tech community once again.


With my admittedly short stint as a Java developer in the early part of my career combined with the more substantial time I spent at a large, national trade association, I found in ITA the opportunity to bring several of my passions together. I understand the power that a united, collaborative industry can have – on policy, education, workforce development, investment, and innovation. And, now, more than ever, I think Chicago can capitalize on that power.


I’m eager to work with all of you as we continue to drive our ecosystem forward. The CEO charter is not one I take lightly. I take the reins at ITA at a time when Chicago tech has incomparable ROI and unmatched YOY growth. We may be booming, but our work is far from finished. We cannot rest on our laurels, now’s the time to combine our ingenuity and resistance to the status-quo.



Our commitment to our members has never been stronger. The local tech community has also never been more galvanized; our membership continues to climb to new heights, and we’ve seen unprecedented growth in the ITA ranks.


However, our team is un-phased by these successes and continues to work relentlessly every day to ensure we are delivering programs and services that truly help scale your business and activate the local workforce at-large. In 2017, we are:

• expanding our Tech Challenge program to drive additional talent to Chicago;

• increasing the number and depth of the educational programs we offer to help improve operational excellence and enhance professional development;

• launching the inaugural Chicago Tech Summit to bring our community together to discuss and debate our future;

• and introducing new opportunities for our members to raise their profile and visibility at a national level.



Our network is only as robust as the count of its members. Truly, there is power in fellowship and, as a collective industry, we can drive the investment, talent, and innovation needed to make Chicago a serious heavyweight contender.




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