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Five Reasons to Hire Veterans for Technology Jobs

Friday, September 29, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Ashish Raina, Marketing, Code Platoon | Gary Hotz
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If you talk to leaders in the tech industry, they will tell you their biggest challenge today is hiring and retaining the best talent. Glassdoor reported in Feb 2017 that the tech industry has $21 billion worth of open, high paying jobs. This figure translated to nearly 264,000 openings in the tech industry. But make no mistake – even with an industry-wide dearth of candidates, many tech employers will bide their time to find an applicant with the right qualities.

So, what are the right qualities?

Well, according to a study by Bentley University, most companies look for applicants who have experience when it comes to decision-making, collaboration, and mentorship. And while many different demographics can provide the skills and knowledge required by tech employers, there’s one group that’s already been training for these roles—our military veterans.

As most tech companies can tell you, the hard, technical skills can be learned, but the critical soft skills; communication, leadership, and teamwork, must be developed—and mature soft skills are exactly what today’s veterans can offer. It’s why more and more major-market tech companies have created special programs to recruit veterans – especially since today’s veterans, most of whom are Millennials, are more tech-savvy than ever.

If you’re still in need of some convincing, read on; here are five reasons why veterans are a perfect fit for today’s tech roles.

Leadership skills

Veterans are trained to assume leadership roles when the need arises. In technology teams, leadership could be about running a large project or improving a process or an idea that leads to cost saving and veterans come with strong leadership experience in managing teams or leading missions.

Performance under pressure

In the highly competitive world that we live in, time-to-market pressures are immense – just ensuring that products launch on time is of paramount importance. With their experience in handling high-pressure situations on the battlefield as well as in training, veterans are mentally capable of delivering at crunch time.


Every veteran knows that the goal and objectives of their squad or platoon come first, and that’s exactly why they’ll put the needs of the team before their own. This requirement translates to them becoming excellent team players—an essential skill in successfully executing modern-day technology projects.

Quick learners

Veterans are trained to pick up new stuff quickly—whether it is the rigor of their training, getting deployed to new and hostile regions or being forced to deliver on short notice in any emergency. Experience operating under pressure helps them to quickly grasp new technology, new environment, or the specifics of a new project in the context of a technology client.

Meeting Goals

The military culture pushes you to achieve your goals at any cost. And an ingrained drive to execute without compromise becomes a huge advantage as veterans will bring out their best when it comes to helping technology companies – and the community as a whole—achieve their goals.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in 2016 revealed his wish to hire 25,000 veterans and military spouses over the next five years, as well as to train 10,000 more in cloud computing skills. Tech giants like Dell, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and EMC pledged to hire 1,000 to 3,000 veterans or military spouses over the next five years. Meanwhile, GoDaddy, SpaceX and Seagate Technology committed to hiring 200 to 500 veterans. It is clear that the technology industry is recognizing that veterans with their strong leadership and organizational skills can make a remarkable impact in this field.


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