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ITA Spotlight: ThoughtWorks

Monday, March 19, 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Gary Hotze
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Kate Manthei, North American Recruitment Marketing, ThoughtWorks, @thoughtworks


ThoughtWorks, has been working to transform organizations into digitally led businesses for over 25 years. Founded in Chicago in 1993, we have grown into a 4,500-person business with 42 offices in 14 countries.  We are engineers working on complex problems with innovative technology solutions. Our global footprint enables our passion for diversity in work, people, and thought leadership.


In 25 words or less, what is ThoughtWorks all about?

Great people bringing great ideas to life with technology.


What problem do you solve and how do you solve it better than the competition?

ThoughtWorks partners with enterprise organizations to solve their complex business problems where technology is a key differentiator. We work with our clients to think strategically but ensure high quality delivery. For us, this is about delivering value in weeks, not months. We believe our engineering mindset, our cross-functional team structures, our culture of innovation and our high focus on quality and quick delivery brings true business value to our clients.


How did you get started?

ThoughtWorks was founded in 1993 doing software delivery in the asset finance industry. It was a complex business domain, and ThoughtWorks adopted cutting-edge technologies to deliver and that’s where we became known for our software excellence.   When web technologies came along, ThoughtWorks embraced them, becoming one of the industry’s leading software delivery organizations. 25 years later, we have grown across the globe, but have kept our headquarters in Chicago.
ThoughtWorks has grown to be a global tech consultancy, 4500 people strong across 42 offices in 14 countries. We are a collection of passionate people who care about technology. At our heart, we are a custom software company and a community of technologists who solve complex problems.


How has your company culture evolved as ThoughtWorks has grown?

Throughout our 25 year journey,  ThoughtWorks has grown across the globe and remain committed to our mission.  Our culture of collaboration and openness is valued over personal heroics. Our approach to software development is driven by design thinking and user feedback requiring experimentation and risk-taking.
At ThoughtWorks, everyone works together to solve problems collaboratively and iteratively. Instead of competitive silos we work in cross-functional teams -  business stakeholders, marketing, product, operation, designers and engineers - all focused on a single objective or vision.


What are your primary goals for ThoughtWorks? 

Technical excellence is driving competitive advantage in the corporate marketplace, more than ever before, and ThoughtWorks’ exceptionally talented employees, global footprint and industry reputation for software excellence make us uniquely capable to tackle complex business problems.  And no matter what the specific project, our people aim to make a lasting impact by helping transform our client’s software delivery capability.
A lasting impact to us means, every day, delivering software for and with our clients that does exactly what is needed, to its maximum potential. That’s truly what we’re about - revolutionizing technology, one client, one success, at a time.


Where do you see ThoughtWorks in two years? Five? Ten?

For over 25 years, ThoughtWorks has gone through many iterations but what remains constant is our commitment to software excellence.  We credit this to the most talented, passionate teams, collaborative practices and our culture of collaboration, experimentation and innovation.  
As with any organization, we thrive to evolve as a business, as technologists, and as an industry. This evolution brings new opportunities and engagements with our enterprise clients as well as growth and expansion for our ThoughtWorkers. We are proud to have the rich history as an organization and look forward to the evolution of our organization over the next 5-10 years while staying true to our Tech@Core culture.


What’s the No. 1 thing on your to-do list?

Our ambition is to continue being champions for software excellence and revolutionizing  the tech industry, continuing to grow as thought leaders and be the home for diverse and passionate technologists.


What are the biggest challenges you face as you scale your business?

Scaling any business brings a variety of challenges, but staying true to who we are as an organization and what has given us our success is, our people. ThoughtWorks technologists are what makes our organization unique. And our desire to grow comes from a recognition that technology is what connects people all around the world as never before and innovation will continue to be our competitive advantage. 


This one is all you… anything else you want to tell us?

Being a ThoughtWorker means challenging assumptions, questioning the status quo and the belief that inclusivity is a strong indicator of remarkable outcomes and innovations. Our goal of revolutionizing the IT industry is ambitious but we feel creating a community of passionate technologist within and outside of ThoughtWorks creates an opportunity to collaborate and innovate. 

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