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ITA Spotlight: Liberty Technology Advisors

Monday, August 6, 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Gary Hotze
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Joel Schneider, President & Founder, Liberty Technology Advisors, @LTAdvisors


From the cloud to IoT to Industry 4.0 and beyond, Liberty Technology Advisors (LTA) helps our clients navigate complex technology-enabled environments, and execute business transformations by improving their business processes, operations, performance and IT strategy.  Our team of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), technology, and business process experts have decades of experience helping businesses improve and perform better through effective and aligned people, process, and technology. 


In 25 words or less, what is Liberty Technology Advisors (LTA) all about?

LTA is a business and technology consulting firm that helps companies align their systems and processes to improve business performance dramatically.  


What problem do you solve and how do you address it better than the competition?

As a truly independent and objective consulting firm, we’re able to provide the best recommendations and solutions for our clients’ ERP software, technology, and business improvement needs. Distinct from our competitors, LTA is not affiliated with any particular technology solution or system, a quality that enables us to objectively help our clients evaluate and make the decisions necessary to improve their profitability and efficiency. Our independence – coupled with our GSDsm (Get Stuff Done) mentality and unwavering commitment – positions us to act as trusted advisors to clients who may lack internal resources, not know where to begin, or need guidance creating a strategy and gathering the right resources to define a path forward.


How did you get started?

LTA opened in 1995 – starting with me in a small rented office with a desk, fax machine (if you remember them) and a computer. I recognized that companies, specifically in the manufacturing and distribution industry, were or would be updating their legacy software. There was a need for someone with experience implementing ERP software to help manage the process, during which there is an opportunity to improve business practices. Since then the company has grown to over 15 people, working both nation-wide and globally.


How has your company culture evolved as LTA has grown?

LTA’s culture has always been about our clients – client first, client second and client third. We’ve grown in size, but we’ve been intentional about maintaining a culture focused on exceeding our clients’ expectations by helping them identify ways to improve their business process and performance.


What are your primary goals for LTA?

Our primary goals are to continue to deliver independent, objective, unmatched client service while expanding our services and enabling leadership opportunities for LTA team members.


Where do you see LTA in two years? Five? Ten?

In the next two, five, and even ten years I see LTA a bit bigger than we currently are, but still providing the best, genuinely independent ERP and Technology consulting for our clients - the same way we have since we opened shop in 1995.


What’s the No. 1 thing on your to-do list?

Continue to establish ourselves as the leading ERP and Technology consulting firm in the United States.


In your opinion, what are some of the pros and cons of being an Illinois business?

Being based in the Chicagoland area, there is a lot of talent and potential clients in the area.  We are centrally located, which makes it easy for us to serve our customers throughout the United States.


What are the most significant challenges you face as you scale your business?

Continuing to recruit great talent, we pride ourselves on the top-class experienced consultants who have what it takes to ensure the client’s needs and goals are met.


This one is all youanything else you want to tell us?

If you haven’t guessed by now, we are all about our clients! We take the utmost pride in helping our clients reach and exceed their goals. We are honored to have many repeat clients, which gives us the distinct privilege of defining ourselves as trusted advisors. If you or your company are considering bringing on a new system or are interested in improving your business processes and performance, please reach out to us today! Additionally, we are always recruiting talent and looking to expand the LTA team. If you are interested in helping organizations improve their business processes and performance, email!

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