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IoT Summit Highlight: Organizational Issues & Getting Beyond Pilots

Friday, October 5, 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Gary Hotze
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John Whitton, VP - US Markets, Softweb Solutions

Organizational Issues & Getting Beyond Pilots

Why should people attend this panel? What should they expect to learn?

People will be able to learn from real life IoT implementors, various use cases and lessons learned by those that have gone through the IoT implementation process.

Tell us about your background and experience concerning your panel's topic.

Softweb Solutions helps many companies implement IoT platforms, SAAS solutions and Data Analytics.  We have developed and delivered IoT platforms, smart factory solutions, smart building solutions as well as smart healthcare solutions.

What do you think are the top issues facing the community when it comes to IoT? What are the challenges and opportunities?

Security: The more critical shift in security will come from the fact that IoT will become more ingrained in our lives. Concerns will no longer be limited to the protection of sensitive information and assets. Our very lives and health can become the target of IoT hack attacks. 

Connectivity: Connecting so many devices will be one of the biggest challenges of the future of IoT, and it will defy the very structure of current communication models and the underlying technologies 

Intelligent Analysis & Actions: The last stage in IoT implementation is extracting insights from data for analysis. Cognitive technologies and the accompanying models that facilitate the use of those technologies drive that analysis.

What’s your assessment of the current state of IoT in the Midwest? How does Chicago relate in this landscape?

IoT is alive and well in Chicago and the Midwest. Many organizations have done well in promoting IoT in Chicago with many think tanks and collaborative spaces promoting the technology and supporting start-ups in their efforts to advance software and hardware technologies related to the IoT vertical.


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