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Web Accessibility - The Environment's Role

Monday, October 22, 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Gary Hotze
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Megan Wenzl, SEO Outreach Associate, Clique Studios
 When it comes to accessibility, environments play a key role. 

Accessibility is about inclusive environments -- both online and offline. Accessibility is also the design of products, services, or devices for people who have a disability.

Web accessibility, therefore, is building a website that is easy to use and friendly to those with disabilities. Accessibility is a necessary part of creating a website for your business.

Here’s why.

You Want to Create Good Experiences for All Customers

When we think of our ideal customer, we tend to think of people who are completely able bodied. But the reality is that one in four Americans have a disability that affect important life activities, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Because that number amounts to 61 million Americans, potential customers or customers who are disabled will in fact interact with your website. If a disabled individual has a good experience with your business, they are likely to become loyal customers.

A good experience for a disabled person can be life changing, according to content specialist Natalie Gotko.

For example, if you have captions on your videos, that can make a big difference for someone who has trouble hearing.

If that same disabled individual has a bad experience with your website, you can expect them to look for services or products from one of your competitors.

Captions can also help customers who are not disabled. If a student is listening to music with headphones, they can still watch a video by reading the captions. So captions can make things easier for individuals who do not have a disability, too.

You Want Your Website to Be a Resource

The web is an important resource for a variety of parts in life including health care, education, and commerce, according to the Web Accessibility Initiative.

Your business’s website is an online resource because customers will use the information on your website when deciding on purchasing a service or product. You want customers to take your business into consideration when making their decision. For a disabled person, this will only happen if he or she can interact with your website successfully.

In addition to making website interaction easier for customers, accessible websites can have improved search results in search engines, an increase reach in audience, and provide clear proof of corporate social responsibility.

If you read one section from this article…

All businesses who want to make people’s lives better should build accessible websites. When a customer can interact with your website with ease, it makes their lives better. And when it makes their lives better, it turns them into loyal customers – customers who will recommend your business to other customers.

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