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DRIVIN: It's a Culture

Monday, November 5, 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Gary Hotze
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Kaitlynn Sirotkin, Digital Marketing Manager, DRIVIN


Earlier this year, I started a new position as the Digital Marketing Manager at a company called DRIVIN. After being self employed as a freelance marketing consultant, making the decision to work at company again was not one that I took lightly. But, after meeting some members of the team and learning more about what DRIVIN is working to accomplish in a very established industry, I was completely bought in.

Here’s why:


Your colleagues can truly make or break a job. When you decide to accept a position with a company, it’s equally as important to decide you like the team you’re working with. During my interview process at DRIVIN, I was given the opportunity to meet with 4 members of the team, all of whom worked in different departments. During those conversations, I instantly saw that every person I spoke with was genuine and highly skilled at their craft. For myself personally, these are two very important attributes I look for in my colleagues. My initial perceptions have proven themselves to be true over the last 6 months. Being in marketing, there are so many cross departmental projects. Every interaction I’ve had, across the board, has been both positive and educational.


Working in a cool office does have its perks, don’t get me wrong. However, getting out of the office every now and again is refreshing. Now, how many of you can say that you’ve been to a car auction before? My guess is that it’s very few. I didn’t even know car auctions still existed before I started at DRIVIN, but let me tell you, they are a blast! DRIVIN does a great job of getting their employees out of the office. My third week on the job, I was sent to Indianapolis and North Carolina, for a boots on the ground, crash course in what a day in the life of a car dealer looks like. Not only was it educational from an industry perspective, but I was also able to get facetime with many of our users to better understand how our platform improves their businesses.


Now let’s get down to it. What is it actually like, 9-5, working at the office. As I mentioned earlier, going from a job where you’re your own boss and transitioning to a position where your part of a team, can be a big change. To my pleasant surprise, I have the most amount of autonomy than anywhere else I have ever worked. Every day I am given the ability to experiment with new marketing strategies, implement new ideas and share my opinions on current company initiatives. There is truly a high level of trust here. When you’re hired onto the team, you’re brought on because they want you to share your skillset and opinions.

DRIVIN has truly been a breath of fresh air and a place I intend to stay for the foreseeable future.

Did I mention we’re hiring? Check out this link or shoot me a note to learn more!

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