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ITA Spotlight: LANSA, Tom Sinovich, Associate Application Support

Monday, January 28, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Kaylin Berg
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Tom Sinovich, Associate Application Support, LANSA


A technical problem solver by day, foodie and piano enthusiast by night. 


Chicagoan by birth or relocation?

By Birth!

If you relocated, what brought you to Chicago?

If I wasn’t born here I would have moved to Chicago for the food.

How did you come to work with LANSA?

LANSA and I found each other in September 2017; I was transitioning from enterprise IT to software support and LANSA stood out to me.

What about LANSA was appealing?

I was very new to the software industry, and LANSA seemed (and still does) like a very unique company that sustains itself on its own line of products.

What other roles have you held in the industry? How did they lead you to where you are now?

This is my first role in the low-code application development platform space. It has been very humbling and exciting to learn the ‘ins-and-outs’ of the industry from the ground up. A lot of history lessons, feeling out where I currently reside, and visions of the future keep me thoroughly enjoying what I do.

Out of all the positions you've held, which one is the most interesting?

My position at LANSA is the most interesting to me; The number of different clients I’ve interacted with across many different industries ensures no day is the same. I love digging into challenges customers are facing and finding a solution.

What do you like most about what you do?

The variety.

Which achievement at LANSA are you most proud of?

It isn’t a singular achievement as much as it is a sustained, fast-learning curve I have been able to keep up with. From being a completely face-less person on the team that only soaks up information, to being someone team members value and depend on, has been a great reward.

What’s your outlook on the local tech industry?

As devices get smaller and smaller and the Internet of Things grows, I am very interested to see how they will be cohesively tied and managed, as well as the technologies used to fuel them.

What do you think are the top issues facing the Illinois tech community?

It’s going to be increasingly important to attract and retain talent as we continue to compete with emerging ‘tech’ cities.

I think that moving forward, our nation should pay a much closer eye on the accessibility of the internet to lower-income individuals. Our dependency on the internet and its resulting technologies is only growing, I feel we shouldn’t have sections of the population artificially isolated from information, data, and communications.

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