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ITA Spotlight: Yello, Kelly Powers, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Monday, February 18, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Kaylin Berg
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Kelly Powers, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Yello | @Yello

Yello’s New Interview Day Scheduling Streamlines Recruitment Operations through AI

While recruiters are ultimately focused on filling open roles with the best possible talent, their hectic schedules are often bogged down by administrative tasks and logistical challenges. Recruiting coordinators in particular often face difficulties arranging candidate interviews, a seemingly simple task that can take a staggering amount of time.

That’s why we’re excited to debut Yello’s newest product: Interview Day Scheduling. Yello’s mission is to help recruiters love their work, which is why we developed Interview Day Scheduling—to make the interview scheduling process simple and seamless. Taking one time-consuming task off the plate of a recruiting coordinator means they can spend more time and energy on higher value activities.

What is Interview Day Scheduling?

Interview Day Scheduling presents a solution to a recruiting coordinator’s most frustrating situation: scheduling a candidate’s entire day of interviews with multiple team members, department heads or interview panels.

The biggest headache this scenario presents is arranging available times for all parties to meet. Corralling calendars to determine meeting times and locations is time-consuming and frustrating work, often mired in back-and-forth email chains of stakeholders trying to agree on a time that works best.

Interview Day Scheduling solves this problem—artificial intelligence powers scheduling on the recruiting coordinator’s behalf.

How does Interview Day Scheduling work?

Yello built a powerful machine learning algorithm to analyze all available meeting times and determine a schedule that works for all interview attendees. Interview Day Scheduling does the heavy lifting to automatically identify times everyone can attend.

When times are determined, recruiting coordinators automate communications like calendar events, invitations and confirmation messages through a single hub. And before the candidate arrives, assessment criteria and interview questions can be shared with interviewers to ensure the interview is optimized to make the best hiring decisions.

Why does efficient interview scheduling matter to candidates?

Research suggests the interview experience is one of the most important factors when a candidate is deciding whether or not to accept a job. Any less-than-stellar touchpoints throughout the recruitment process can leave negative impressions with a candidate, introducing doubts that could lead them to walk away from the organization altogether.

Interview Day Scheduling offers every candidate an efficient, streamlined experience, enabling recruiters to spend more time engaging candidates, answering questions and serving as the organization’s brand ambassador.

When will Interview Day Scheduling become available?

Interview Day Scheduling recently launched as part of Yello’s talent acquisition software suite. Stay tuned for updates!

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