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Getting Ahead of the Gender Gap in Tech: A Q&A with Julia Kanouse

Tuesday, April 16, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Sandy Thomas
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The gender gap in top tech companies is continuing to grow and knows no bounds. For example, Google’s global workforce is comprised of roughly 31% women—with 22% of these women in tech roles and 26% in leadership roles. It’s the same at Facebook—women make up 36% of its global workforce, but only 22% are in tech roles and 30% in leadership roles. Twitter’s numbers are similar, it employs 38% women, but only 17% of females are in tech roles and 33% in leadership roles. Other tech companies throughout the United States have reported similar statistics over recent years. This raises the all-important question: Is there a way to pipeline more women into technology careers?

Julia Kanouse, CEO of the Illinois Technology Association, has been focused on finding an answer to this question over the last decade.  The big conclusion she’s come to is that companies are reaching out to women at the wrong time in their lives. Hiring managers are approaching women once they’ve graduated and already chosen a career path.

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