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Topstep Trader's Current Challenges and Working Solutions

Friday, May 17, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Kaylin Berg
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TopstepTrader team

A number of tech team leaders recently sat down with the BuiltIn Chicago team to share what projects they have in the works, the hurdles they're facing and how they're accomplishing their goals. TopstepTrader was included in that article, with Engineering Manager John Goode interviewed.


What technical challenges are you and your team looking to address, and what tools do you use to address them?

The biggest challenge we are facing is how to scale our technology to meet the increasing demand of our user base. We are looking to address this challenge from all aspects of technology, including architecture, infrastructure and process. From an architecture side, we are looking at how we can collect and process trading data more quickly. Designing the architecture and finding the right tools to help parallelize this process is extremely important, since our users need to know their account performance before the next trading day.

We are also looking into automating as much as we can, especially around our DevOps and testing practices. We have really begun to adopt an ‘infrastructure as code’ mindset, so that we can quickly manage and provision our infrastructure as we scale our cloud-based ecosystem.

What impact will solving these challenges have on your company moving forward?

The biggest impact is that it will allow us to continue to grow our user base while maintaining our first-class user experience. This is extremely important to the organization, since one of our core values is that users are the center of our work. By scaling our technology, we will be able to live this core value and grow our products to reach as many traders as possible.


This content originally appeared on the BuiltIn website, here

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