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ITA Spotlight: Living the Brand Academy

Monday, July 1, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Gary Hotze
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Patty Lindstrom, Founder and CEO, Living the Brand® Academy, @LTB_Academy




Teaser: Living the Brand® Academy is focused on inspiring, engaging and equipping business and brand leaders to prosper. Living the Brand® Academy does this by offering news and views from thought and practice leaders, live and on-line events, peer-to-peer learning groups and has been building a powerful research library since 2003. The organization will ultimately grow to distribute and license content and services related to self-application of our five phase Living the Brand® acceleration process. Building leaders and teams that define purpose and build from the inside out.


1.    In 25 words or less, what is Living the Brand® Academy all about?


We focus on inspiring, engaging and equipping business and brand leaders to lead from a growth mindset while simultaneously helping their company remain true to their values and purpose.

Creating alignment from the inside out.


2.    What problem do you solve and how do you solve it better than the competition?


As with the question above, I don’t see a systematic approach used to build brand. Brand to me in this instance is driven from the inside of the organization out. We have a proven methodology and five phase process built on a foundation of hundreds of deployments over the past 20 years that allows us to start anywhere in the evolution of a brand’s (ie: business or non-profit of any size) and synchronize it with an improved strategy for growth, creating a growth mindset and developing leaders at all levels.


3.    How did you get started?


When I started my first business, Creative Logic, Inc., (26 years ago) I continued to experience organizations that lacked a systematic approach for development of brand strategy tied to the growth mindset of the business, creating cultures to adopt that mindset and executing with a focus across the organization. For me that means defining purpose for self and company, leading by building and creting a brand and growth mindset. My company had been very successful in assisting organizations with growth in multiple industries from funded startups, mid-market and privately held and large enterprise organizations. In 2002 because of the some of the work we had done with Caterpillar that drove $4.8 billion growth in Parts & Service sales over 6 years, I was given a referral by the then CEO of Caterpillar, Glen Barton, to attend Stanford where I was able to validate a concept that ultimately become a process I trademarked the following year, “Living the Brand® acceleration process”.  I have been implementing it and building on it ever sense.


4.    How has your company culture evolved as Living the Brand® Academy has grown?


Our culture continues to evolve with the needs of our customers. As tools, techniques, politics, belief systems evolve to influence an organizations or companies brand development needs, we have to constantly adapt our culture to stay ahead of what’s next, while remaining true to our own values and purpose. We have to do what we teach others to do.


5.    What are your primary goals for Living the Brand® Academy?


To assist people and companies to become the best versions of themselves and in the process, ultimately grow a company that creates, distributes and licenses content and services related to self-application of the 5 phase Living the Brand® acceleration process.  We love the process of assisting companies through transformational change, allowing them to scale using proven techniques that continue to evolve with technology and times. It is not a one and done process, and takes time, focus and trust. Built from the inside out.


6.    Where do you see Living the Brand® Academy in two years? Five? Ten?


In two years, I see my company successfully completing our first several rounds of fund raising to build out what I envision for our growth and technology platform. Beyond that, I see the organization continuing to expand service offerings and extend our reach into other regions of
the world.   


7.    What’s the No. 1 thing on your to-do list?


Have an incredible experience with a key group of leaders and innovations at both
and our attendees. Then begin to implement many of the camps, labs and workshops in which we have been continually developing research and content. Beyond that – partner with amazing people, leaders and teams to create growth and transformation! 


8.    In your opinion, what are some of the pros and cons of being an Illinois business?


Pros of Illinois, I love the city of Chicago and what it has to offer from a cultural and business perspective.


Cons of Illinois, the divisiveness of the political climate I find troubling, but sadly I don’t really think that is really just an Illinois issue.   


9.    What are the biggest challenges you face as you scale your business?


Like most entrepreneurs, finding a way to get work done and moving out the door, while securing funds to scale and hire the talent we need to grow.   It’s a constant never ending cycle.


10. What’s the biggest obstacle you’ve faced as an organization, and how did you overcome it?


Surviving the last two economic downturns. First 911 and then the crash. Both devastated many of our customers, peers and created huge shifts for us. We overcame it by believing in our vision and purpose, lots of hard work, a little bit of luck and some great customers and a few key employees.   


11. What motivates your employees to come to work every day?


We really believe in helping others achieve transformative results (on the people side and profit side). That is a huge motivator for me and for our all of our employee and contractors.  


12. Why does Living the Brand® Academy call Chicago its home?


It is the best place for us to the get mix of what we need to grow the business, access to great people, a great city to live in, and an abundance of businesses that value what we are building – and be close to family and a huge network I value tremendously!


13. What was the ‘aha’ moment when you realized Living the Brand® Academy made it?


Not sure we’ve made it yet – still working on that next better phase and version. I don’t know that there is ever an arrival point for me.  It is a constant path of learning, iterating, transforming and building. Both in our own team and assisting others. I simply enjoy working with organizations and people who are interested in being part of something bigger then themselves, leading innovation, and scaling from a visionary purpose. Its like a continuous road trip… lots of visits, relationships built and fun and work along the way, but just keeping moving onto the next adventure.


14. What do you do to encourage constant growth and change for your employees?


Make sure I and we don’t become complacent in our journey.  We constantly do research and discuss what’s next.  I just began my PhD in Values based leadership to apply much of our frameworks and research and further continue to validate around global thoughtleaders. I often say “I / we have to become comfortable living in a state of uncomfort.” That is the world today and it’s only going to increase in the velocity of change.


15. How does Living the Brand® Academy interact with the Chicago community?


We interact with the Chicago community by being a part of key organizations that have allowed us to engage and participate with like-minded people. We are still very much in the infancy of growth – so every day we learn where and how we can be part of the larger ecosystem in Chicago. Key areas of focus for us are leadership, strategy, brand, culture and innovation. We will continue to explore how and where we add value and learn from others as it relates to these five key areas in every companies path to a growth mindset. We are building an education platform that crosses over each of these areas. We participate in events and we host events both for profit and not for profit focused.  Each of which allow us to expand the conversation with a diverse audience of people – and support organizations that we believe in and know we can add value in the process. 


16. What is the top reason employees would say they love working for Living the Brand® Academy?


Every day is different than the previous.  We these people to “think deeper” and create a growth mindset. It is a discipline. Change is not easy.


17. What makes Living the Brand® Academy stand out?

Our ability to read the future. We continue to find ourselves ahead of each curve related to reading and adapting strategies to move with markets and trends (in relation to how they influence leadership, as well as brand and culture development and scalability).


18. What is the one thing Living the Brand® Academy cannot live without?




19. What’s the coolest perk Living the Brand® Academy’s office has?




20. This one is all you… anything else you want to tell us?


No one ever stood out by standing in line…. Make sure you know what your passion and purpose are and pursue it relentlessly.   

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