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The List: Brought to you by Kazoo

Friday, July 19, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Gary Hotze
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Erica Denner, Head of People & Culture, Kazoo


Hi there! 👋I’m Erica Denner, the Head of People & Culture at Kazoo. What’s Kazoo? Kazoo (formerly YouEarnedIt + HighGround) combines what people want with what companies need in one easy-to-use platform that celebrates every win and brings workplaces to life with our Recognition & Rewards, Performance Management, and Engagement Surveys. We’re a growing company with offices in Chicago and Austin — hello summer meetings in Chicago and winter meetings in Austin!

We’re always interested in what our Kazoo Crew redeems for in our own Recognition & Rewards platform. Our catalog has everything from company-branded merchandise, non-monetary experiences, gift cards, and charitable donations. We decided to crunch some numbers (queue the math memes), run some reports, and see what Kazooligans are coveting. 


For the month of June, here are the most redeemed items by our #KazooCrew:


1. Dozen Hot Cookies Delivered to the Office 🔥🍪

What can we say? We love sweets. In Chicago, we always go with Insominia Cookies and Austin is a big fan of Tiff’s Treats. It’s hard to beat the feeling when a midday slack message comes through that warm cookies are in the kitchen. 


2. Amazon Gift Card 💳🤑

Probably not surprising, Amazon gift cards are one of our most redeemed items. While we don’t know all the things that people buy with their Amazon gift cards, one of our colleagues was very excited about buying a fancy vacuum she was dying to purchase. So the sky’s the limit on this one!


3. Buying Points to Recognize Colleagues 👏👍

While the Amazon gift cards might not be surprising, this reward surprises (and delights us). Every employee is given a certain amount of points per quarter to recognize their peers and when they run low, individuals can cash in their own reward points to buy more points to send. This is consistently one of the most redeemed items and shows how much we love to recognize each other. 


4. Furry Friend Sponsorship 🐱🐶

Our offices are pet friendly and you know there is a dog in the building when you hear squeals and dog talk. However, we expect our pets to be professional in our paw-ffice. Conference room dibs also apply to our pets when they need to have a serious conversation with their squeaky toy. To ensure all pets have the same level of love our Kazoo pets have, we “pool” our points for a Furry Friend Sponsorship for our local animal shelters in Chicago and Austin. 


5. SAGE & Out Youth Donations 🌈🙏

Diversity and inclusion are fundamental to how we grow and operate our business. In celebration of PRIDE month in June, we “pooled” our points to support SAGE and Out Youth. We also partnered with two local organizations to volunteer our time to directly support LBGTQ initiatives. 

Honorable Mentions 

The Complete How To Kazoo Book
When we re-branded as Kazoo in April 2019, we had Kazoos on every table. We soon found out that none of us knew how to play Kazoo (it’s surprisingly difficult). We decided our catalog needed this instructional book which begins with the all-important "hum, don’t blow” technique. 

Stu Wants to Cleans Your Desk 
Our colleague, Stu, is a self-proclaimed neat freak and takes great pleasure in a clean much so that we actually have a reward we can redeem to have him clean our desks! 


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