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How Livongo Just Opened The Floodgate To A Digital Healthcare Wave

Friday, August 9, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Sandy Thomas
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In the future, when we analyze moments in time when true innovation transformed an industry, we’ll remember an event that happened just a couple of weeks ago: Livongo’s IPO. By the end of its trading debut — which left the company valued at $3.4 billion — Livongo proved two things: that it’s possible to empower people to live healthier by focusing on their whole being and that combining technology-driven solutions with a human touch is a successful business model in healthcare.

Using technology to help people effectively manage chronic health conditions like diabetes, Livongo demonstrated that their business model is effective for improving consumer health, is less costly for the payer, and thus is attractive for investors — especially because the model can expand into tangential markets and scale across the world. Unlike many traditional healthcare companies, Livongo helps people use less-intrusive technology and an easily accessible professional support network to change and maintain behavior that leads to healthier lives. 

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