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Looking to Start Your Career in Tech? Why You Should Take a Second Look at Paylocity

Monday, August 19, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Gary Hotze
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Patrick VanVorce, Associate Full Stack Engineer, Paylocity


Software Engineering is an awesome career to get into. You're constantly challenged, get the opportunity to learn everyday, and deliver value to people all over the world. The potential in this career for growth is prodigious. With that being said, one of the crucial decisions we all have to make at the start of our career is to find a company that is going to cultivate this career growth. Let me tell you about my experience here at Paylocity as an Associate Software Engineer (ASE) and the environment it provides for new college grads to catapult a career in technology!

I graduated in December of 2018, and had three weeks before I was starting my first week at Paylocity as an ASE in their New College Graduate (NCG) program. I wasn't sure what to expect, at school I had only programmed in C, C++, and Assembly language. Sure, I knew how to blow up a system's memory with a classic Fork Bomb, but I didn't feel ready coming out of school for the fast paced nature of industry, especially since I didn't know much about web applications. I was really nervous in my ability to come up to speed in developing full stack web applications. Eventually, week one came and all of my worries were put to rest.

Paylocity has developed the NCG program to address everything I was anxious about. It is a unique approach being taken by Paylocity where they bring in engineers from all over the company to teach you every aspect of full stack development over the course of about 2 months in a small group setting. There aren't many companies that take the time to invest so much time to help their Associate Software Engineers' success.

After this, you are integrated into a team to begin product work where you are continually supported by leadership and team members. You are paired with a mentor who is an experienced developer within the company. Your teams understand that you are just starting out in your career, and foster an atmosphere that is collaborative, educational, and with just the right amount of challenges.

At this point, you are rotated to between teams and products until you are ready to be promoted from Associate Software Engineer to Software Engineer! What they expect of you is made clear, and they provide all the resources you could ask for to achieve your goals. I feel this program has created a clear path for myself to prosper as a software engineer.

To finish up, I just want to say that the NCG program is great, but what makes Paylocity an incredible place to work is the people they hire. I haven't met one person who wasn't able to help me when I needed it, they care about you as an individual, and everyone is treated with respect.

If this seems like a place you want to be, then feel free to send a LinkedIn invite to Chelsey Madsen (you can email her directly at too) or send me a message. You can also go check out our careers here.

Thanks for reading, and happy coding!

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