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MSUA Interview | Melissa Orlick, Isotropic Networks

Wednesday, August 21, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Sandy Thomas
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Check out MSUA's interview with ITA member, Melissa Orlick, IsoTropic Networks


Catherine:  Melissa, it’s been pleasure meeting you and I appreciate you taking time for a Mobility News interview.  As I mentioned, I think about Isotropic Networks (IN) nearly every day as I have Hank’s signature seasoning salts in my kitchen, strategically placed right next to the stove!  They are delicious, by the way. What a great way to leave your mark on IN sponsored events! In addition to spicing food, IN appears to be gaining new momentum in the satcom mobility market. This is the perfect time to get your insights and perspective on the company and maritime business. 



First thing I need to ask about is Isotropic Network’s new corporate logo.  What was the impetus for the new design, and does it mark a change in business strategy or mission? 

Melissa: As the satellite industry is dramatically changing, we wanted to evolve our logo.

The logo symbolizes a dragon eye. Dragons are legendary mystical creatures that represent strength and power throughout the sea, sky and land. As we serve all of these verticals and have individual strength and power to provide the best for our clients, we have adopted the Dragon Eye as our mascot.

Read the full interview here...


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