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Can you ever wear shorts to work?

Thursday, September 5, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Sandy Thomas
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“Business casual” takes on different meanings across industries and companies, but the question of whether shorts can ever be appropriate in the workplace is a question for the ages. Is it merely dependent on industry? What makes shorts more casual than, say, a skirt that shows a similar amount of exposed leg? Is it considered more acceptable for women to wear shorts in the workplace than men?

The unsatisfying answer to the shorts dilemma is this: it depends on the culture and the field, says Eric Holmes, who teaches career and professional skills at Purdue University Global. “If you’re working in athletic apparel in a more casual part of the country—like the Pacific Northwest, where Nike is headquartered—clean and on-brand athletic shorts can be completely appropriate. I wouldn’t recommend wearing shorts if making a big pitch, meeting with clients, but for a day in the office in that environment, shorts can be appropriate.”

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