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ITA Spotlight: Andrew Bochantin, COO, EMPIST LLC

Friday, September 6, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Gary Hotze
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Andrew Bochantin, COO, EMPIST LLC


Are you looking for reliable & transparent technology support that’s designed to help your business grow? We recently sat down with EMPIST’s COO Andrew Bochantin to learn more about his career and some of the incredible ways companies like EMPIST are transforming the tech and business industry as a whole.





How long have you worked at EMPIST?


I started working at EMPIST almost 10 years ago in January of 2010. My first position was an account manager, from there, I was promoted to an operations manager, then as the VP of Operations and finally to Chief Operations Officer. As the COO, it's a priority for me to still work closely with the account management team. Before working at EMPIST, I was a client of theirs for seven years. So, I had the unique experience of being both an employee and a client at the company. 



Where do you see technology taking MSPs in the next 5 years?


Automation & AI will play a major role in the evolution of MSPs in the next 5 years. There's been a push to quickly address client issues by accessing previous tickets within a knowledge base. Automation and artificial intelligence will be a major resource for elevating this process. Also, I think remote support will improve due to video integrations and the creation of more digestible video content in general.   



What is the best part about working at EMPIST?


The best part about working at EMPIST is being able to help so many businesses in different industries succeed. It's gratifying when you're a part of providing the solutions that help a business grow and outrank their competitors. Of course, none of this work would be as gratifying without the support of an amazing team. The people at EMPIST honestly make this job so rewarding. Watching everyone grow in their careers and collaborate with one another is inspiring.   



If there was one form of technology you couldn’t live without, it would be...


My answer would have to be video/music streaming platforms. Having access to fresh creative content is something I wouldn't want to live without. We've entered a day-in-age where we can instantly access just about any song or movie we can think of. Out of all the streaming platforms, my favorites would be Netflix, Spotify, and Amazon.  



The thing you are most proud of achieving working at EMPIST is?


The thing I am most proud of achieving while working at EMPIST is that we've grown, but we never lost sight of our core values. I started at EMPIST when there was just a handful of employees in a small office. Fast forward to today, we have 90+ employees, 3 US locations, and a European Headquarters in Greece. More importantly, we've maintained a high customer retention rate of 90+%. Some of the customers that I signed in my first year are still with us, and I've had the pleasure of seeing their businesses transform over the past 10 years. 



What advice would you give to a tech startup during their first few years of business?


Remember that you work for your clients. They are the most important part of your business. You need to think about what will make the customer experience the best it can be. MSP or not, if you focus on that, you’ll be successful. It's all about learning how to be more proactive and less reactive. A customer-centric business model is key!



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