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A New Era for Culture, Change and Values Based Leadership

Monday, October 7, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Gary Hotze
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Patty Lindstrom, Founder, Living the Brand® Academy


What do we mean when we talk about values-based leadership? Are we talking about organizational values, like productivity, profitability, or share-holder value? Yes.


Are we talking about the personal values of the Chairman, the CEO, or the President, teams across the enterprise? Things like determination, motivation, or strength? Again, yes.


Adler and Bartholomew (1992) suggest that global leaders need to develop five cross-cultural competencies. Leaders need to:

1.    Understand business, politics, and cultural environments worldwide.

2.    Learn the perspectives, tastes, trends, and technologies of many other cultures.

3.    Be able to work simultaneously with people from many cultures.

4.    Adapt to living and communicating in other cultures.

5.    Learn to relate to people from other cultures from a position of equality rather than cultural superiority.

(Adler & Bartholomew, 1992, p. 53)


When we talk about values-based leadership, we are talking about drawing leadership values from the values of followers for direction, motivation, and inspiration. People are motivated by their values. They care deeply about them. They live according to those values. Values are the natural motivators of thought and behavior.


And, therein lays the key to long-term business development, growth, and ultimately, profitability. 


Do you find your organization coming to the realization that the world is changing at a pace you never imagined possible? It’s not just the tech sector, as many often attribute it to. Tech is one of many catalysts, but people are the drivers of change. Has your organization’s "way of doing things" stalled and lacked the ability to keep pace with the agile environments that exist today?


This is no time to hide in the shadows. Doubling down on what you have always done will not help you keep pace with accelerating change. This is the time to define or redefine your path forward.


An organization’s values find expression in their Brand. Brand values are the foundation of corporate culture. They are the shared values that drive all stakeholder attitudes and behaviors. An organization working from shared values will be more flexible and more productive than one pursuing goals that few people care about.


How do you create a values-based culture? You know you can’t just dictate values and a new ethos. For the past 16 years Creative Logic, Inc. has assisted companies global and local, transform their organizations with and through their people. We trademarked five-phase process in 2003 under Living the Brand® Acceleration platform. In 2015, we launched Living the Brand™ Academy and Living the Brand® Innovation Factory which offer large scale events, and a process with follow-on labs, workshops and bootcamps to build brands and the culture that supports growth, development of people and puts purpose at the center to deliver predictable, sustainable results. This five-phase process assists to establish values for the leadership team and employees, for customers, for suppliers, and for shareholders. It has been developed and refined in hundreds of case studies over the past 19 years of working with businesses of all sizes, numerous industries, and growth challenges.


The five phases of the Living the Brand® Acceleration platform are:

1.  Brand Assessment – Discovery and analysis

2.  Brand Promise – Defining our way

3.  Brand Blue Print – Creating your building blocks

4.  Brand Culturalization – Engaging people

5.  Brand Advantage – Leveraging your assets


These phases are all integrated and supportive of one another which allows you to start anywhere in the journey and loop the other areas into the process as the business and time allow.


You cannot impose values and culture. Culture is built from the inside out and is based upon a common purpose and shared values. Only when the entire enterprise has a hand in defining what is deeply important to them can a set of values be developed that are shared by all.


Contact Patty Lindstrom, CEO and Chief Strategist of Creative Logic (brand strategy and transformation consultancy in Chicago) and Founder of Living the Brand® Academy and Innovation Factory to see if Living the Brand® Acceleration process is a good fit for your business or non-profit organization. A process that can and will transform your organization and get you on track toward building the leaders you need to foster the culture you desire.


For a close-up look at Living the Brand® in action, attend Brand Innovation Quest, a one-day event delving into the interdependency of brand and innovation… not just product and service innovation, but business model innovation, as well. Watch this video of the 2018 Brand Innovation Quest event and see how the five conference tracks, Leadership, Strategy, Brand, Culture, and Innovation bring the fundamentals of values-based leadership into focus.


Values-based leadership is an organizational philosophy. Values determine behavior. Values precede ethics and performance. Living the Brand® platform is proven to deliver measureable results over the short and long-term and can be implemented in a practical manner to establish a corporate culture that delivers predictable, sustainable results.


Open your company and yourself up to the power of values-based leadership. You have competitors out there vying for your customers and your employees. Let’s get started today! 

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