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ITA Spotlight: HealthJoy

Monday, October 28, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Gary Hotze
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 Justin Holland, Founder, HealthJoy



We bring joy to the complex world of employee benefits. HealthJoy makes navigating healthcare and benefits simple, quick, and painless.



 In 25 words or less, what is HealthJoy all about?

HealthJoy is a benefits experience platform helping employees make smarter healthcare decisions with personalized guidance and AI technology. 



 How did you get started? 

We started HealthJoy in 2014. I had an ACL tear in 2013 and was on an individual ACA health insurance plan with a very high deductible. I wanted to get a reconstruction and not hit my deductible if possible. During my search, I found that I couldn’t “Google” my way to the lowest out-of-pocket cost. That experience inspired us to found HealthJoy to make the experience with health plans simple and empower members to have more control and forecasting over their healthcare spend. After the administration change, we pivoted to employers. We found the same member issues, and entirely new problems with massive fragmentation of benefits for benefit leaders and consultants. Employees didn’t have an easy solution to access any of their benefits—and the problem wasn’t limited to healthcare benefits. Since then, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people make smarter healthcare decisions and lowered our clients’ overall healthcare costs. We use advanced technologies like our artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant, JOY, to help people with all aspects of their healthcare.



 Are you headquartered in Chicago? What made you choose Chicago? If you are not headquartered in Chicago, what made you open an office here? 

Yes, we are headquartered in Chicago.  The main reason we came to Chicago was to be closer to GoHealth, our first partner HealthJoy partner.  Back in 2014, GoHealth was very focused on the ACA, and we wanted to be close to the distribution to understand better what the exact member experience needed to be.



 How has your company culture evolved as HealthJoy has grown?

We’ve more than doubled our Chicago HQ headcount this year, and it’s been crucial to find people who embody our core values. Our employees care about our mission, our impact, our members, our customers, and, most of all, each other. You’ll find us sharing gratitude, eating lunch together, volunteering as a team, and competing in various office pools.  



 What are your primary goals for HealthJoy? 

The healthcare industry is so complicated. It’s no surprise that one-third of healthcare dollars are wasted each year. Our goal is to simplify that experience for employees.



 What’s the No. 1 thing on your to-do list?

Continuing to expand our engineering team in Chicago.



 What motivates your employees to come to work every day? 

Our employees come in knowing their work has a direct impact on the health and wellness of our members. We are a group of mission-driven, talented individuals who are committed to taking our product to the next level. And if that’s not the motivator, then it must be our on-tap nitro cold brew or the office dogs.



 How does HealthJoy interact with the Chicago community? 

We believe in giving back to our city. This year we’ve partnered with Urban Initiatives to spend a day with students from Orozco Community Academy—we even got to play at recess! We’ve also volunteered at Lincoln Park Community Center serving lunch. We will continue with these regular volunteer outings to support local organizations. We are also helping to grow the Chicago tech community by sponsoring events about which we're passionate. This fall, we sponsored CHIWITCON, and look forward to future events!



 What are the top reasons employees would say they love working for HealthJoy?

Employees love working here because of the people, and because of our team’s strong sense of shared purpose and personal ownership. You’ll see this on “High Five Fridays” when our Slack channels light up with a flurry of colleagues celebrating each other’s accomplishments from the prior week. And because we’re in hyper-growth mode, there are plenty of opportunities for employees to step up, own new initiatives, and make their mark on the business.



 What makes HealthJoy stand out? 

Our member satisfaction rates are through the roof! HealthJoy users enjoy a single, stable place to interact with their benefits, even when their company’s plan changes from year to year. They gain on-demand access to online medical consultations, live healthcare concierges, Rx savings, and much more. We are solving a widespread problem and “delivering joy” while doing it. 

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