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Thursday, October 31, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Gary Hotze
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Catalytic 💡



I'm Anna Burke, VP of Marketing, at Catalytic.

We’re an AI-powered automation platform that bridges the gap between people, data and existing technologies, automating routine work, freeing employees to spend their time on more creative and strategic projects.
Using our platform as the easiest way to build sophisticated automatic processes, our customers unlock 2x productivity and performance.
Here at Catalytic, we also use our own platform to automate many internal processes, from employee on-boarding to consolidated reporting. But we build some not-so-serious automations from time to time too.
Here are five fun things our employees have automated:

1. College football pick’ ems 🙌

Sophie, Director of Solutions Delivery at Catalytic, delivered a very important solution to our team. She built our own college fantasy football bot that acts as the referee in managing this hotly contested game that stirs up strong emotions at the office.
2. Remembering birthdays 🎂

Forgetting someone’s birthday is the worst. That’s why Catalytic Support Analyst Carli built an automation to make sure everyone gets the personalized birthday shout out that they deserve in our company’s Slack channel on their special day.
3. Tic Tac Toe ❌⭕️

Reliable tic tac toe partners are hard to come by. But Ian, our Technical Product Manager, no longer has this issue. He built a bot in Catalytic that can give any opponent a run for their money in this classic game of Xs and Os.

4. Forming habits 🤞

Science says it takes about 66 days to form a habit, which is a long time to keep track of something. So Jeff, our VP of product, built a simple habit maker automation to remind you to do something through Slack, calendar and/or text notifications every day for—you guessed it—66 days.
5.  Unsubscribing to emails 🛑

Jeff also built this useful bot, because everyone hates a cluttered inbox (at least us productivity nerds do). It can send unsubscribe requests to email addresses you don’t want to hear from anymore, so all that’s left are the emails you do want to read (like this one).

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