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Meet Illinois Requirements for Sexual Harassment Prevention Training with JB

Monday, December 9, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Abbey Kwiat
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The JP Training Solutions Team


Illinois state law now requires employers to provide sexual harassment training every year.



Illinois is seeing some big changes to anti-harassment training requirements for employers. Governor Pritzker signed Senate Bill 75, the Workplace Transparency Act, on August 9th, 2019. The bill outlines that employers must provide mandatory annual sexual harassment training for all employees. 


JB Training currently delivers Do The Right Thing: A Workplace Harassment Prevention Simulation to companies of all sizes here in the state of Illinois, and is compliant with the state requirements for training.  Our training also offers a thorough, interactive experience that won’t bore your employees to tears. Learn more by listening in on our webinar demo, and read below for 5 reasons to book this program for your organization.


In our interactive sexual harassment prevention simulation, participants are immersed in workplace happenings at Vandelay Industries, a fictitious company that just might have a harassment issue. Participants will hear about things happening at Vandelay and have an opportunity to engage in small group discussion with their co-workers to determine just how big of a harassment issue Vandelay has.



5 Reasons to Book “Do the Right Thing” for Your Organization



1. We make it all about you.


We work with each of our clients to personalize a workshop experience that’s relevant for your group. Are your employees unsure if it’s okay to compliment or hug a co-worker? Do your employees attend a ton of offsite events? Are you hearing from the grapevine that employees are dating each other? We will tailor the content to address the hot spots for your workplace.


2. There’s no fine print. Ever.


If you’re looking for a boring compliance training that’s dripping with legalese, this isn’t it! Our workshop is presented in plain, straight-forward and inclusive language that everyone understands. In fact, most of our slides have fewer than 10 words on them.


3. It’s engaging…Really.


This workshop experience (yes, experience) is intentionally designed to promote conversation between your employees. They’ll have deep dive small group conversations and multiple opportunities to hear from other groups in the room, because we think that interaction yields understanding (and so does the Society for Human Resource Management).


4. We’ve got the new stuff.


We’ve all seen those campy harassment videos that seem like they were shot at least two decades ago—which would be the prior millennium, by the way. We are assuming you want content that’s more…timely. All our multimedia content is recent and provokes critical thinking and conversation instead of sighs and eye rolls.


5. It’s not just HR’s job.


Our workshop is built around the idea that harassment prevention is a collective effort that every employee can (and should) contribute to. Not only will your employees learn what to do if they experience harassment, but they’ll also learn what they can do if they witness harassment.



For more information on this program, visit Do the Right Thing training page.

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