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Building a University Website to Improve International Student Recruitment

Tuesday, January 21, 2020   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Abbey Kwiat
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Megan Wenzl, Community Outreach, Clique Studios


Student recruitment is challenging, especially on the international level. 

One way to overcome this challenge -- getting international students aware and interested in your programs -- is to build a content experience that speaks to your community and tells your university’s story. 

We here at Clique Studios built a content experience that helped Northwestern University attract a top international PhD Musicology student. 

To build this website, we conducted research to find out why students attend the Bienen School of Music as opposed to other music programs. We found six key differentiators. 


  1. State-of-the-art facilities 
  2. A collaborative community 
  3. Expert faculty
  4. Diverse programs 
  5. Opportunistic location 
  6. A strong reputation 


We highlight these differentiators when prospective students are making their decision, moving students through the prospective student journey -- from educating them about the school to persuading to converting. 

We also made sure to use this website redesign as an opportunity to make it easier for prospective students to engage with the school. This helps with recruitment. We found three main conversion points, depending on where a student is in their journey. 

  1. Understanding the admissions process
  2. Scheduling a tour
  3. Scheduling an audition / applying to the University 

We used these core actions to build the website with a smooth journey to help prospective students when they choose to convert. 


A Resource for Current Students

What’s more, we made sure prospective students knew they would be a priority for all four years at Bienen School of Music. So we made sure the website served current students not only as a resource, but also as a platform to share their performances with the world.

For much more detail about how we helped Northwestern improve international student recruitment check out our article by content strategist Natalie Gotko. 

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