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ActiveCampaign Raises $100M Series B to scale its Customer

Tuesday, January 28, 2020   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Abbey Kwiat
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Jason Vandeboom, Founder and CEO, ActiveCampaign


As founder and CEO of ActiveCampaign, I’m excited to share that today we announced a $100 million series B investment to help us continue the rapid and necessary growth of Customer Experience Automation (CXA).  This is an amazing milestone that will help us in our mission to help all businesses build meaningful connections to their customers. As we accept this funding, I wanted to share how we got here, and why this is just the beginning for ActiveCampaign.

Back to the beginning: How Customer Experience Automation was born

It’s hard to believe that this tremendous milestone, which includes 90,000 customers across 161 countries, more than $90 million in revenue, 550+ employees, a 100,000 square-foot headquarters in Chicago, offices in Indianapolis, Dublin, Sydney, and a major presence in Brazil, can all be traced back to a decision I made 17 years ago to move to Chicago to study fine arts.

In order to fund that decision, I started the small-business consulting practice that eventually became ActiveCampaign.

My early work with small businesses showed me first-hand how hard it was for businesses to maintain authentic customer relationships as they scaled — and how desperately the market needed a solution that was accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Craft, bespoke, and small-batch everything has been so successful because consumers are starving for personal connections with the companies they buy from. Small businesses and creators deliver a personal touch naturally, but sometimes it gets harder to maintain the practices that made them successful as they grow.

CXA was born out of the need to scale personal connections so that businesses can treat every customer like their most important — whether they have 10 customers or 10 million. It took us 10 years to get to 8 people and 8 products. But those 10 years gave us the insights and inspiration necessary to thoughtfully and comprehensively develop a new category of software that helped solve the challenges all growing businesses face.

Today, we call this category Customer Experience Automation (CXA).


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