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Spotlight: Promotable

Friday, February 14, 2020   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Abbey Kwiat
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The Promotable Team


In 25 words or less, what is Promotable all about?

Promotable helps everyone join the data conversation and take control of their careers through expert led in-person and live-online courses that are designed for business professionals.


What problem do you solve and how do you solve it better than the competition?

There is a data skills gap where companies need people in every function who can who can use data to make better decisions. Our courses are geared for working professionals who are looking to level up.

Each class is: 1) Convenient. You can access recordings of every course you miss - or just want to re-watch,  on-demand whenever you want, 2) Taught by current practitioners at industry leading companies (not “experts” who have only been in academia or are no longer active analytics professionals) 3) Are designed with business professionals in-mind. You don’t want to quit your job, or become a Data Scientist. You do want to learn how to use data to become a better analyst, manager, marketer, sales person, accountant, Product Manager etc. ,ask the right questions, identify and communicate insights, make better data driven decisions, and become better at what you do best. 


How did you get started?

The initial idea for Promotable was created while looking for Data Analytics courses that were not simply “intro to data science”, but would help anyone  use data to become more effective in their current non-technical roles (finance, marketing, product, operations, etc) rather than assist in a career change towards data science. 


Are you headquartered in Chicago? What made you choose Chicago? If you are not headquartered in Chicago, what made you open an office here?

We are headquartered in Chicago. We think Chicago has a dynamic business environment with companies and ecosystems from most major industries.


What are the growth and scaling opportunities within [company name]’s industry?

Data analytics and data driven decision making are some of the most valuable and in-demand skills. We want to continue to help companies invest in and leverage their current in-house talent and support their ability to become more data driven.


What are your primary goals for Promotable?

Our goals are to expand Data Analytics and data driven decision making skills to everyone, not just data scientists.


In your opinion, what are some of the pros and cons of being an Illinois business?

The only con is the weather. Chicago has a dynamic economy, growing tech scene, and a strong education system.


What risks or issues do you foresee in your industry’s near future?

The biggest issue and opportunity is to continue make sure that we align our training with what companies want


What’s the biggest obstacle you’ve faced as an organization, and how did you overcome it?

Really breaking into the industry dominated by established companies by listening to our customers and providing products that focus on their needs.  

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Chicago, IL 60606

PH: 1.312.435.2805