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ITA Spotlight: Mindsight

Tuesday, March 24, 2020   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Abbey Kwiat
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Jane Vitro, Director of Marketing, Mindsight


How Mindsight Got Started?

Mindsight – formerly Tympani – started as a successful voice-over-IP (VoIP) reseller, partnering with Cisco to help Chicagoland businesses with their unified communications needs. 

The transformation from a value-added reseller to an incredibly prolific managed services provider happened organically. Our clients didn’t just need switches and network cables. They wanted expert advice on how to build an IT strategy that would help their company grow. 

So, we gave it to them. 

We built a team of top technology experts in data center, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and contact center. Now, whether a company wants to know about cloud migration strategies, the tiering process in backup design, or multifactor authentication, we help their IT teams build the best IT strategy and plan a roadmap for the future. 


What It’s Like To Work At Mindsight?

What’s the best part of Mindsight? The people. Hand’s down. Whether it’s Kathy’s baked delicacies or Eric’s superior bracket management, every person at Mindsight brings something unique to the team. Those different perspectives are important.

Mindsight’s CEO and President, Ed Kapelinski captured the value of different perspectives in a 2018 interview:


Having members on our team that have different viewpoints leads to conversations that offer new perspectives, enabling Mindsight to explore alternative approaches, offer new solutions.

The mix of different strengths on our team means that we have a unique perspective that can get to the bottom of almost any technological challenge.


Despite our differences, Mindsight is about solving problems together. We gather once a quarter for a State of the Company meeting, usually over a few rounds of golf, and share our progress, setbacks, and goals for the future. It’s collaborative, and it’s one piece of our recipe for success. 


Challenges And Hopes For The Future?

The recent havoc wrought by the global coronavirus pandemic has certainly put our team and its resources to the test. In the span of a few days, we successfully moved all of our teams remote – and helped our clients do the same. 

While this moment is incredibly challenging and, at times, frightening, we’ve hunkered down to ensure that our clients can continue to provide the essential services they offer to our community. From healthcare clinics to manufacturers, from schools to banks –community organizations rely on our technology expertise to deliver medical care, eLearning, and vital supplies. 

Now more than ever it is important for us to focus on helping our clients make strategic decisions about their technology investments, reducing risk and adding value wherever we can. We hope that by focusing on our mission, on how we serve our community, its businesses, and its people, we will help build a stronger and more resilient community.


Technology Doesn’t Stop Changing

The Mindsight blog has a mantra: technology is always changing. It’s an obstacle for our clients, and an interesting challenge for us. We have to be ready to support our clients in solving any technological challenge, and that means we have to be completely embedded in the industry. 

How do we stay informed? Our teams work closely with the inventors and engineers who are on the front-lines of IT product discovery and creation. At the same time, we invest in our own education; in fact, 95% of our engineers hold advanced certifications. 

That’s a huge part of why clients keep working with Mindsight. Some of our legacy clients have been with us for well over a decade – and they tell us the reason they stay is because Mindsight … well, we’ll let them say it for themselves.

“I want to share my gratitude for the flawless execution, extreme patience, advanced technical knowledge, and support provided to our team by Mindsight. It’s for reasons such as these we have partnered with Mindsight for support within this critical business space.”

– Tony Valenti, IT Director, Superior Ambulance

“Mindsight is always “going above and beyond, which is what makes Mindsight a differentiator over the competition.”

– VP of Information Systems and Security, Online Retailer

“I would say that their professionalism and responsiveness stands out. Mindsight has some talented people on their team and everyone we’ve interacted with has been top-notch.”

– Director of Information Technology


About Mindsight

Mindsight is industry recognized for delivering secure IT solutions and thought leadership that address your infrastructure and communications needs. Our engineers are expert level only – and they’re known as the most respected and valued engineering team based in Chicago, serving emerging to enterprise organizations around the globe. That’s why clients trust Mindsight as an extension of their IT team.


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