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​Healthcare Marketing: Why the Content Experience of Your Website Matters

Monday, April 20, 2020   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Abbey Kwiat
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Imagine this scenario: One healthcare customer searches for a primary care doctor. Another customer searches for a GI doctor. 

And another person searches for a physical therapist. 

What do these customers have in common? They want a positive experience when interacting with your healthcare organization — especially when they land on your website. 

That experience begins with a strategic healthcare marketing strategy. And a major part of any successful marketing strategy includes a positive website experience. 

Tips for Creating a Successful Website as Part of Healthcare Marketing 

The process of finding a doctor can cause frustration or anxiety for potential patients. 

Seeon Kim, UX Lead at Clique Studios, said, “If you make a healthcare website easy to understand, it can give you relief.” 

That means everything on your website should be easy to find, with a clean, digital experience for the user. The experience throughout the website should be consistent. One website that we think does a good job of providing a positive digital experience: Flutter Health

Flutter engages their main audience, who are women, with a bold, straight-to-the-point strategy with their copy. They don’t fall into gender-based stereotypes. 

Another good feature your website should have? Good content. 

Educational and engaging content can provide real value to your audience. Let’s say you have a patient who wants to eat healthier. If you publish a guide on what to eat for a healthy lifestyle, that content can be extremely useful for that patient. 

Just make sure the tone in your content is good for your audience. 

Zoë Reagan, project manager at Clique Studios, said, “I think it’s really important to have the tone just right. That’s so important in healthcare and healthcare marketing. Not too light and bright, but not doom and gloom. Use language to differentiate yourself, but also put forth what your institution wants to put forward in their message.” 

Always keep the healthcare consumer at the center of your marketing. To make healthcare marketing successful, provide a positive digital experience that will add real value. If you add real value to your patient’s lives, they will come to you over the course of their lifetime for their healthcare needs. 


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