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TransUnion: Modernizing Our Technology

Thursday, June 4, 2020   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Abbey Kwiat
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The TransUnion Technology Team


The importance of information

TransUnion is a global information and insights company that fosters trust between businesses and consumers by ensuring that each person is reliably and safely represented in the marketplace. Because of our work, organizations can better understand consumers to make more informed decisions, and personalize their experiences.

As technology continues to change the way we interact within the marketplace, the importance of information becomes more evident, and ensuring efficiency strengthens our global reach. This is why our approach to technology is, in and of itself, a key part of what drives TransUnion’s success. Consumers and clients rely on us to look beyond the world as we know it and evolve our systems to explore the endless possibilities.

Because of this we are transforming our infrastructure through various cloud-enabled processes to deliver solutions at the demanding pace of the digital world - ultimately positioning us to innovate more rapidly, optimize operations, and create tomorrow’s solutions for our clients.


How is TransUnion modernizing technology?

Like many technology-focused companies, we have an opportunity to streamline the sprawl and duplication of infrastructure that has occurred as we’ve doubled in size over the past five years. During that time, we have developed applications that create value for us. These will be reconfigured and optimized into a more modern application-program interface (API) based architecture.

We are reconstructing how networking is done with data in a cloud-enabled framework - making accessibility to our vast global insights automated and secure. Monitoring tools will allow us to understand how we can provide solutions that are right-sized for the businesses we serve. This opens up incredible opportunities to connect with the world around us in more rapid and collaborative ways.   

Modernizing technology impacts three major areas of our business, that when combined, creates a synergy of endless possibilities. For example:

  • Internal operations: Transforming the way we rely on cloud-enabled solutions will reduce our reliance on previous technology - allowing for more automation, enhanced security, and more processing power to deliver solutions to our customers. 
  • Products: Shifting the operation allows our engineers to develop products with all features while keeping security in mind at every step of the way. We’re not only committing more time to meaningful work, we’re putting more of our thinking behind it. The end result is secure, reliable, feature-complete products that perform as expected.
  • Our clients: This change in our infrastructure does more than just transform our technology. The results of all of this combined will help us innovate and meet the changing needs of the market.  Consumers will have tools that will improve their experience and protect their information, enabling their trust. We have the opportunity to partner with our clients’ success every day and this enhanced offering only pushes the boundaries.  


Adapting to advanced technology

Advancements within technology have impacted all industries over time, requiring all of us to embrace the fast paced world we live in. New generations demand specific experiences on how they want to interact within the marketplace. To be successful at understanding the benefits of this evolving landscape, we must think about how our clients want to conduct business. Our client-centric approach allows us to adapt to advanced technology.

To continue this ongoing technology transformation, TransUnion has appointed Akshay Kumar as Executive Vice President of Global Technology Architecture & Strategy earlier this year. Read more about Kumar and his proven track record, here

“TU has made a focused investment to speed up this migration,” Kumar shares. “Technology is changing and requiring us to be flexible for adapting to the future. And with that, clients look to us because we have an industry leading technology stack with a culture of customer focus, accountability, and performance.”


The opportunities are endless and we’re looking for innovators 

We provide our associates the opportunity to advance their growth so they can learn new ways to increase efficiency and productivity. Supporting our teams by empowering them to bring their skills and help us better evolve our business. We want our team members to grow within the organization and we’ve committed to continually invest in our associates.

Our leadership team is also looking for ways to create meaningful experiences that cultivate exciting solutions. Brian Parchem, Executive Vice President of Global Engineering and Infrastructure mentions, “The days of infrastructure, application development, and security being segregated and isolated are over. It is imperative that engineers bring a multifaceted - open mind with them every day.” Roles are increasingly varied in function to encourage everyone to bring their curiosity to the table. As the future of technology continues to change, our approach on how we think about our internal functions need to evolve as well. Our associates are not limited to one type of position. Everyone is encouraged to take advantage of the resources we offer to truly create an environment that fosters innovation.

We continue to look for ways to connect with innovators and leaders who are drawn to the incredible opportunities that lie ahead. We’re hiring people who are motivated by being hands-on, have a persistent curiosity about the way users interact, and look forward to serving our communities. If creating the next wave of solutions excites you, then consider your next challenge on our Technology Team at TransUnion.


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