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Monday, August 17, 2020   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Abbey Kwiat
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Our vision ahead

Technology continues to evolve at an exhilarating pace. For those in the technology industry, existing IT skills are important; however, being able to adapt to this dynamic landscape is just as critical. At TransUnion, our goal is to provide insights to businesses and consumers to make informed decisions, while enabling trust within the marketplace. Our vision is a technological evolution in a global setting where we work in an integrated way to support our associates and deliver innovative solutions.

To accomplish this, we’re focusing on training and development, because an investment in technology goes hand in hand with an investment in our technologists. The journey ahead requires an atmosphere that provides everyone with the tools to learn more about the essential programming applications to rapidly respond to customer needs. That’s why our associates will be equipped with enhanced technical skills while building a fulfilling career through hands-on skill development.

Teedra Bernard, Vice President of HR Global Technology, shares more on our philosophy, “We’re committing to skill development that builds on the capabilities of our associates to enhance the existing operational expertise. There are several ways to adapt to the future of technology, at TransUnion; learning by doing is one of them. This environment gives everyone the opportunity to do their best work and provide industry leading products to the communities we serve.”

As a result, we’ve implemented an interactive online training portal that is accessible to all associates across TransUnion. On this platform there are various learning paths covering programming languages such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and other functional concepts commonly used in cloud computing. Through this partnership, over 2,000 of our technologists have taken advantage of the resources and initiated over 400 labs. From interactive sandbox environments to step-by-step objective-based scenarios, all learning styles are supported on this platform. This focus on training has allowed us to concentrate on creating products that solve our customers’ toughest challenges. Having the foundation of a collaborative environment where everyone can bring their ideas to the table is what sets the stage for a great workplace atmosphere.


First-hand experience

The outcomes of our products and solutions are powered by our acceleration towards speed and scalability. Skill development on our team gives everyone the opportunity to find new ways to build tomorrow’s solutions at the continuing rate of technology. To remain ahead of the curve, Michael Catuara, Director of Systems Engineering and Programming, recently became a certified AWS Associate Solutions Architect after completing the required courses through the online training portal. Michael shares his first-hand experiences:


How do you think this focus on training is setting you up for success here at TransUnion and beyond?

By leveraging a cloud training platform, TransUnion is setting all associates up for success because technology is not only evolving in one area, rather it’s changing all around us. It’s inevitable that everyone in the technology space will need to learn new operations and protocols as they continue to change each and every day. Using these resources, I’ve been able to advance my skills within the functional programming languages we use to ultimately bring new products to the market. These learning paths promote a growth mindset, and being around that each day makes work an exciting place. I’m thrilled that the organization continues to cultivate an innovative culture that supports the technology team, as well as all associates who want to learn more.


What surprised you about the certification exams you took?

I recently became certified as an AWS Associate Solutions Architect which has given me a better perspective on how to operate in our cloud enabled programs. The course included a deep-dive into the most frequently deployed AWS services, determining how to monitor metrics, configure security, leveraging various cloud storage services and much more. Overall, studying took about three months and now I have a certification that I can apply in my day-to-day activities and beyond. The most surprising function of the cloud portal is how much information each section provides. The step-by-step demonstrations make it much easier for me to take those teachings and implement into my daily product integrations.


What do you plan to learn next?

As a Technical Service Owner for Analytics at TransUnion, my team is continuing to drive key projects into their next phase and it requires an out-of-the-box mentality. Using the real-time lab has allowed me and my team to build our products with an emphasis on end-user capabilities. With this in mind we’re concentrating on ways to take the experience and functionality of our products to the next level. To continue this progression, I have started the coursework to prepare for the AWS SysOps certification exam. The additional knowledge will prepare me for “Day 2” in our implementation lifecycle, focusing on maintenance, uptime and support for TransUnion products.     


Do you want to redefine technology?

As technology evolves, we’re focused on thriving by creating a dynamic, fast-paced environment where the growth of our products is driven by our imagination and what we envision for the marketplace. This is not only an evolution, it’s an opportunity to design the path ahead and make a meaningful impact on the world around us. Our associates have the tools they need to turn roadblocks into solutions, together we’re redefining the capabilities that will exist tomorrow.


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