CityLIGHTS Awards History
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As of last year's Awards, the 96 companies and individuals within the CityLIGHTS winners' circle represent billions of dollars in exits, IPOs and venture capital. The numbers prove the correlation between CityLIGHTS achievement and future success.


2017 CityLIGHTS Winners

  • CityLIGHTS Industry Champion: Hyde Park Angels

  • CEO of the Year: Rishi Shah, Outcome Health

  • Prominent Woman in Tech: Helen Levinson, Indigo Interactive

  • Technologist of the Year: Darren Cockrel, Coyote Logistics

  • Outstanding Business Innovation Award: Hireology

  • Lighthouse Award: SMS Assist

  • Rising Star Award: Yello

  • Industry Disrupter: Snapsheet


2016 CityLIGHTS Winners

  • CityLIGHTS Award: Amanda Lannert, Jellyvision

  • CEO of the Year: Jeff Silver, Coyote Logistics

  • Prominent Woman in Tech: Nicole Yeary, Ms. Tech

  • Technologist of the Year: Martin Logan, Guaranteed Rate

  • Outstanding Technology Development Award: Yello

  • Lighthouse Award: kCura

  • Rising Star Award: Hireology

  • Industry Disrupter: Uptake


2015 CityLIGHTS Winners

  • CityLIGHTS Award: Don DeLoach, Infobright

  • CEO of the Year: John Morris, Cleversafe

  • Prominent Woman in Tech: Shradha Agarwal, ContextMedia

  • Technologist of the Year: Dr. Kristian Hammond, Narrative Science

  • Outstanding Technology Development Award: Gogo

  • Lighthouse Award: Jellyvision

  • Rising Star Award: Kapow

  • Trailblazing Award: Opternative


2014 CityLIGHTS Winners

  • CityLIGHTS Award: Brad Keywell, Chicago Ideas Week, Groupon and Lightbank

  • CEO of the Year: Victor Ciardelli, Guranteed Rate

  • Prominent Woman in Tech:  Kristi Ross, tastrytrade | dough

  • Technologist of the Year: Eric Lunt, Signal

  • Outstanding Technology Development Award:

  • Lighthouse Award: ContextMedia

  • Rising Star Award: Sprout Social

  • Trailblazing Award: Zero Percent


2013 CityLIGHTS Winners

  • CityLIGHTS Award: J.B. Pritzker, Founder, New World Ventures

  • CEO of the Year: Michael Small, Gogo

  • Prominent Woman in Tech: Amy Francetic, Executive Director, Clean Energy Trust

  • Technologist of the Year: Justyn Howard, Sprout Social

  • Outstanding Technology Development Award: OptionMonster Holdings

  • Lighthouse Award: Fieldglass

  • Rising Star Award: Cleversafe

  • Trailblazing Award: Leapfrog Online

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