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Right now, we coordinate with our members on three types of content in addition to more involved partner content projects.


Member Blogs

Our Member Blogs are independently crafted thought pieces on trends and practices that encompass aspects of your business.

As far as topics, we definitely look to current events or play off of stories we have read or heard in conversation. Often, we look to industry outlets such as Fast Company, Crain’s, and Chicago Tribune’s Blue Sky Innovation for ideas.

We like to make these blogs 500-1000 words and if you can include graphics, videos or images that is even better.

We encourage our members to share their messaging through our content channels, booking these content pieces six-eight weeks apart throughout the year.


Member Spotlights

Member Spotlights are a personal or company profile crafted from a sequence of questions we send you for you to answer. They are also provided below. Utilizing these templates you can choose to highlight your company or an individual at your organization.

Beyond the templates, this is evolving to include product launches, new hires or new initiatives. The spotlight piece can also be more editorial. It's a choose-your-own-adventure.

Spotlights are an important vehicle to showcase your company, talent and announcements over the year but to limit repetition and maintain fresh perspectives, we limit our members to one-two a year.

Company Spotlight Template

Individual Spotlight Template


The List

The List is ITA's newest content collaboration with our members. It's primarily an employment brand opportunity with a twist. Slotted for our monthly newsletter, The List, it's ideally something that is fairly short, interesting, funny and culturally insightful for the reader. Members can create a list of whatever they like and utilize it to communicate their business and brand in a method that is more fun and cheeky than our other more serious content offerings.

If you are featured in The List, we ask that you create a list of just about anything. Some examples are:

  • Top five craziest moments of your career
  • Top ten LaCroix flavors at your company and why
  • Top five things you did wrong this year and how we (attempted) to fix them etc...


Take a look at our news & content feed here for examples of both. To get started or if you have any content-related inquiries, Abbey Kwiat,, our resident content guru and ITA Marketing Specialist.

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