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Let's face it - it's time you joined the 500+ member companies who are helping to build the Chicago tech community.


Our mission is to scale Illinois tech companies. Whether you are looking to build your team, promote your business or collaborate with like-minded tech executives, we’ve got you covered. We work every day to connect and strengthen the local tech community - to drive the kind of investment, talent, and innovation that will make people talk about Chicago as a leading tech ecoystem.

Founded in 2005, ITA defined the Chicago tech community and continues to drive the industry forward as the premier connector and advocate for the region.

Our members consist primarily of growth-stage technology firms that are scaling quickly. Curious what other companies are members of ITA? Download the current list here >>

Industry Membership

For technology companies and the tech department/divisions of large corporations. Benefits appeal to growth-stage, quick-scale companies, large organizations – and everything in between.

Associate Membership

For companies who help advance the tech industry through professional and/or commercial services. Get connected to a premier group of technology leaders that will allow your organi¬zation to grow and thrive.

Venture Connection

For capital investment firms. We help you seek new investments and provide value for your current portfolio. Venture Connection Members receive ITA Membership for two of your portfolio companies and a 50% discount on ITA membership for all other portfolio companies.

Ready to get started? View our membership rates. Or contact us to learn more: +1.312.435.2805 or email

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