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Sometimes you just need to dive a little deeper. Check back regularly for ITA's latest reports, research and toolkits.


White Papers


High Velocity Cloud Security at Scale

High-Velocity Cloud Security at Scale details how the BreakFree Cloud Security Framework and JupiterOne platform work in tangent to help enterprises evolve their security in our current cloud era by enabling the creation and management of the entire security process. Download the white paper now.

✨ C-Suite Hires: How to Turn Your Biggest Risk Into Your Biggest Reward ✨

C-Suite hires are critical. The right executive-level hire can make a tremendously positive impact on the future of your business and industry. C-Suite hires are also difficult. The wrong hire — even one who seems perfect on paper — can have just as big a negative impact on a company’s success and culture over an extended period. Download the white paper now for more information how to mitigate this risk in your business.

How to Drive Exceptional Customer Engagements with Agile Selling

Technology is moving like a hurricane, Category 5, hurtling through the B2B marketplace. This tech-shakeup means your products, competition, and the business environment is rapidly changing, but Agile Selling methodology is here to help you weather the storm and emerge new and improved. In this white paper, ITA and SAVO dive into the basics and benefits this methodology can have on your sales efforts in the ever changing tech climate. Download now.

Building a Culture of Financial Confidence

One of the most important things an organization can do to ensure success in both the short and long term is to foster a happy workforce. But “happiness” is a big, fluid condition that can vary wildly from individual to individual, and trying to create it out of whole cloth—through additional programming and unique perks—can cause a strain on management and resources and offer unpredictable results. In this white paper, ITA and Windgate Wealth Management explore the benefits to your organization that building a culture of financial confidence can achieve. Download now.

Intern Hiring Guide

A successful internship program can elevate your talent game, creating a feeder for future full-time employees and promoting your employment brand to a whole new audience. The ITA has put together a comprehensive guide on how to build an internship program from the ground up. Available to members only, please contact Trisha Degg for your complimentary copy.

Surveys & Reports

IoT Council Midwest Inventory Report

A product of the IoT Council’s Inventory Committee, this report is a catalog of the Midwest tech companies doing meaningful work in the IoT sphere. Over time, this report will allow us to gauge the rate and impact of IoT growth in the Midwest, and recognize the organizations contributing to this rapidly expanding sector of the tech industry. Learn more.

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